Team Sports To Try With Ur M8s Without Fear Of Looking Like A Complete Tool

So, you want to get a bit of physical activity into your system and drag your mates along, but you also have an unwarranted fear of looking like the fool of the group?

Thank god – you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve scoured the World Wide Web for all the weirdest and wackiest of group sports that’ll ensure you, specifically, won’t get pointed out as the embarrassment. (Your friends sound lovely and supportive, btw.)

Let’s dive in.


Dodgeball is the perfect sport to play with your mates and avoid looking like a fool – it’s literally manic at all the times, which means less eyes will be on you, and all you’ll have to do is try to avoid getting hit. Furthermore, as it’s not the most graceful of sports, you won’t feel out of place amidst a sea of dangly limbs and scraped knees. Just remember: duck, dodge, dip, duck, dive, and, uh, dodge. Sounds easy enough, right?


Futsal is a feasible option because it provides less space for to look like a fool than soccer. Literally, the court is smaller. Just run everywhere, preferably away from the ball, pretend to look really involved and let everyone else cover for you. Foolproof, my friend.

Beach volleyball

Beach volleyball doesn’t involve much contact, which is cute, and if you miss the ball (which is likely) just do a really sick, emphasised dive into the sand. You’ll probably get heaps of respect from the bois.

Ultimate frisbee

Ultimate frisbee, more often than not, takes place in a park which, more often than not, is a place that doesn’t incite anxiety. Do a Milhouse and practice by yourself or with a dog, to learn some siq triqs for the group sesh.

Water polo

Here’s my theory with water polo: you look like less of a fool because most of your body is concealed by water and splashing, therefore hiding most of your awkward movements as you scramble for the ball.

Water aerobics

Going along with the water theme, I think you should ask your mates to join you for a Sunday sesh of water aerobics. I feel like there’d be a therapeutic sense of anonymity as you and a whole bunch of people, caps on, are submerged in water, hopping from side to side.

Also, water aerobics is sick. I will be shocked at anyone who thinks otherwise.

Race Walking

Okay, the next couple might sound a bit wacky, but hear me out. Join race walking – known by non-extra plebs as power walking – with a group of pals. There’s actually a surprising amount of race walking clubs around the place. All you have to do is walk… in a semi-fast manner… depending on how well you want to do.

In my eyes, this deserves to be on the list because, if everyone looks like a fool, you won’t get singled out for your tomfoolery! Rather, you’ll be able to blend into the humorous, waddling masses, allowing you to exercise in relative peace.

Special mention: muggle quidditch

Once again, you won’t look like a fool if everyone looks like a fool! Who knows, you might even encounter some enthusiastic hi-5s and jealous stares from the cool people who pass by. In 2019, we get creative with our group exercise, okay?

Well, why are you still reading? Go and infiltrate that group chat, round up the squad and sweat out the small stuff.

Feeling inspired by the mini shake-up to your normal routine? QLD Health are passionate about encouraging us to make healthier decisions. Everyone has room to improve, so it’s important to prioritise healthy eating and physical activity every day. You got this, team.