AFLW legend Tayla Harris has once again proved herself to be an exceptional athlete with her impressive kick at the AFL Grand Final “longest kick” competition, according to Nine’s Wide World of Sports.

Just months after copping a world of unjustified hate for “kicking like a girl”, Tayla has wowed viewers with a kick that proves she’s just as much of an AFL legend as any of the men in the game.

The event was televised on Fox Footy, and showed professional AFL stars of all genders kicking the ball as far across the Yarra River as possible.

Harris came in third out of nine players, with a whopping score of 61.5 metres.

“That is a beauty. That is massive,” host Jason Dunstall said after the epic shot.“You know what the best thing about that kick is? Right now there’s another 10 blokes in the tent going: ‘Oh my god, we are in trouble’.”

So, next time one of your misogynistic mates tries to claim she doesn’t deserve her statue, remind them that she beat Taylor Walker, Chad Wingard, Daniel Rich and Josh Kennedy fair and square.

Tayla’s epic kick from earlier this year was immortalised in a bronze statue at Federation Square earlier this month. Honestly, is there anything better than pissing off sexist men with a giant bronze statue? Talk about girl power.

“I hope people pose with it and take photos and that it helps people feel confident and see that good things can come from being brave,” Harris said when her statue was unveiled earlier this month. “It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, young or old — everyone has a right to do what they love.”

Compliments for women in sport often come with the word “female” before it. Serena Williams isn’t a talented female tennis player, she’s just a talented tennis player. Cathy Freeman isn’t a great female runner, she’s just a great runner. Tayla Harris isn’t a good footballer, for a girl. She’s a good footballer, period.

Anyone who can get to a professional level in their chosen field should be celebrated for their achievements, not just for being good for a girl. Whether you’re an athlete, an actor or an accountant, your success shouldn’t be determined by your gender. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard Dustin Martin being called a good footballer, for a man.

It’s often easy to forget that shit like this still happens. Women, especially in Australia, aren’t copping the worst parts of gender inequality. We can drive, we can vote, we can sometimes even get home from work without being harassed. But then stories like Tayla Harris’ surface, and it reminds me that we still have so very far to go.

Harris has officially proved her worth as an athlete against the men she’s so often told she’s not as good as. It’s done. So let’s all get the fuck over what’s under her uniform and appreciate her for what she is.

A phenomenal footballer.

Image: Fox Footy