Paddington Activewear Warrior Abuses Cricket Players For Using Cricket Ground

Stereotypes might be a lazy way of passing judgment on a large array of individual people, but when they ring 100% true it’s kind of incredible. Take, for example, this absolutely textbook display of Sydney Eastern Suburbs-ism, captured this past Saturday during, of all things, a grade cricket game.

A match between Eastern Suburbs and Campbelltown-Camden last Saturday in Paddington copped an unexpected and intensely weird interruption in the form of a pitch invader decked not in their birthday suit, but in activewear.

The yarn goes that the one-day game at Trumper Oval was around 40 overs into East’s first innings when an unidentified woman hopped the fence and began doing sit-ups on the ground, around 5-metres inside the fence-line.

With play quite obviously halted for the unusual distraction, players and officials began attempting to get her attention in an effort to move her on and resume play. But when that finally happened, shit hit the proverbial fan.

Reports from the ground state that the woman immediately flew off the handle, lashing out at players, umpires, and unsuspecting spectators. The tail end of the, by all accounts, spectacular rant was caught on camera by English County cricketer Ollie Pope.

The crux of the woman’s protestations seems to largely be that the cricket oval is regularly used for cricket during the summer months. Because that’s… Look, I’m as baffled as you are here.

While not caught on camera, the final line launched by the protesting exerciser was reportedly “I hope you all get sunburnt, ” which is an astonishingly good, if not painfully Eastern Suburbs, insult to be throwing around.

Music venues have to close because people move in next door and don’t like the noise, cricket ovals can’t be used for cricket because some residents want to exercise.

Sydney. You just can’t bloody win.