‘Strayan Olympians Fined, Released After 10 Hours Of Police Detention

After a long night of questioning, the Aussie athletes detained by Brazilian authorities for allegedly tampering with their Olympic accreditations have been released from police detention.

The group, including cyclist Matthew Glaetzer, archer Alec Potts, rowers Lucy Stephen and Fiona Albert, and rugby sevens captain Ed Jenkins, have been put on good behaviour bonds and fined for their troubles.

Australian Olympics Committee chief executive Fiona de Jong, who accompanied the athletes during their questioning, told reporters outside the police station “a mistake was made this evening. 

Athletes accessed the Olympic venue without the correct accreditation. We have apologised for that mistake before the magistrate and prosecutor.”
Of course, the Olympic venue in question was the arena that held the Boomers’ gut-punch of loss to Serbia; de Jong said the “number of Australia athletes went to support their mates” at the basketball match, but were found not to be in possession of the right papers.
While de Jong didn’t discuss an earlier media release from the AOC that said the group deliberately tampered with their accreditations to cheekily get into a good spot, it is thought Aussie chef de mission Kitty Chiller will discuss the details in an upcoming press conference. 
We’re hoping she just pegs this one on Ryan Lochte, who has seemingly ruined harmless Olympics shenanigans for everybody. 
Goddamnit, Ryan.
Source: The Age / 7 News.
Photo: Mark Kolbe / Getty.