If you’ve got even a passing interest in basketball, by now you would have no doubt heard the news that’s gotten New York absolutely howling: Both Kevin Durant AND Kyrie Irving have agreed to massive free agency deals with the Brooklyn Nets. Not the New York Knicks, as it was basically pre-ordained.

Perennial ESPN news-breaker Adrian Wojnarowski kicked the NBA’s free agency period off with a bang this morning by dropping the bombshell that Irving will leave Boston and KD will depart Golden State to join Brooklyn on various big-money deals, despite the Knicks making big noise regarding both players in the weeks prior.

In even wilder scenes, both players accepted sub-max deals from the Nets in order to leave the team enough cap space to also sign DeAndre Jordan away from New York.

Naturally, this has gotten ESPN legend Stephen A Smith het up to the point of cartoon steam pouring out of his ears.

The GOAT broadcaster and most committed character actor in the history of modern man first took to Twitter to vent his long-suffering Knicks fan emotions.

That, remarkably enough, was about as reserved as he was going to get for the day.

Following that, Smith jumped onto broadcast airwaves to make his thoughts on the matter abundantly clear. Namely: The Knicks can’t get right.

And the Most Normal Day only got More Normal from there.

Much as a resurgent Knicks squad might be good for the overall health of the league, it is absolutely worth fortune and luck shitting on the team mercilessly forever just for the continued stream of viewing gold from Stephen A Smith that will produce.

Knicks fans: Hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Run amok! Led astray!

Any day with good Stephen A content is a good, good, good, real good day, I tell you what.