Steph Curry Is Not Human, Drops Beastly Amount Of Threes On Hapless Wizards

Bloody hell. Steph Curry is on a whole other level right now.

The Golden State Warriors‘ gun travelled with the team to the Verizon Centre in Washington D.C., and promptly made the Wizards look like magic-less trolls.
The four-quarter effort from Curry was impressive enough in and of itself – 51 points off a ridiculous 19 of 28 shooting, with a staggering 11 three point shots made (tying his career-high). Couple that with 7 rebounds, 2 assists, and 3 steals, and you easily have one of the most statistically impressive games of his career.
But the damage he did in the first half was where his game went from exceptional to utterly devastating.
In the first quarter alone, Curry drained 25 points – the entire Wizards team managed 28 in the same time. This included 6 three point shots made inside the first nine minutes of the game.
It was an absolute masterclass of shooting.

Good god, man. There are children watching.
Curry’s first half massacre of the Wizards ended with the reigning MVP entering the change rooms with 35 points to his name, prompting coach Steve Kerr to jokingly consider benching him for shooting too much.

Curry’s gargantuan effort dominated the narrative of the game – and this was a day where John Wall managed 41 points, and Draymond Green registered yet another triple-double.
Unsurprisingly, the Warriors coasted to a 134 – 121 victory, moving their already formidable record to 45-4.
With 33 games left in the season, it’s not much of a stretch to suggest that the 95-96 Chicago Bulls single-season record of 72-10 is in serious jeopardy.
Photo: Rob Carr/Getty.