State Of Origin Boomers Already Butthurt Over Country Version Of The Australian National Anthem

Uh-oh. The State of Origin is on and that means a bunch of boomers and straight bois are about to get super annoying and complain about the most minuscule things ever. My heart goes out to all the stadium staff, every bartender in NSW and Queensland, and the singer of tonight’s national anthem.

Maaaate. As a NSW baddie who goes for the Parramatta Eels, I am rarely keen on the State of Origin. Footy fans always have something to complain about.

In this year’s first round, punters on social media have taken their anger out on Dylan Wright, who sang a country rendition of “Advance Australian Fair”.

(Image source: 9Now)

As someone who dabbles into the country twang every once in a while — a la Beyoncé‘s Cowboy Carter — I thought the song sounded terrific.

It was a different tempo, Wright sang the anthem alongside an acoustic guitar and he finished it off with a beautiful country belt. It wasn’t out of tune, he didn’t forget the lyrics and he was sporting a gorgeous mullet, so I thought it was a win.


Netizens who have decided to live commentate the match on X (formerly Twitter) have dragged the singer for his country rendition of the national anthem, with many of them leaving scathing comments about how it’s the worst version of the song ever.

Here’s what some of the footy fans had to say about the State of Origin national anthem.

Men try not to be annoying when it comes to sports: FAILED.