Sports Illustrated Release Twitter 100

US Sports mag, Sports Illustrated have released their 100 favorite sports tweeters. In a market that excels in their sports coverage many of the the entries will hold little sway with Aussie fans not down with the fiddly intricacy of the US dominated sports but we picket out five of our favorites.

1. Ryan Whitney – Ice Hockey
The Edmonton Oilers defender is never short of an amusing of the cuff observation on life. Expect more with the NHL lock out set to go ahead.

2.Mark Cuban – Basketball Team Owner
Tweets range from attack on big business to bad line calls and all from a dude who is too rich to give a shit what you think.

3. Lolo Jones – Olympic Hurdler
Lolo Jones is a bit of a babe so she’ll obviously get a lot of attention that way but she is also very funny in a very self depreciating manner which totally adds to her babeness.

4.Delonte West – Basketball
Whether he’s inviting twitter friends to a free lunch or getting some random stream of consciousness tweeting on, he’s always entertaining.

5.Floyd Mayweather – Boxer
If you want to know what it’s like to have shit load of cash money, follow this guy.

Photo by Ethan Miller at Getty Images