Nothing against Women’s High School Soccer but I would never have described it as a battlefield. That was before this week when shocking footage from a match in Utah captured East High senior Petiola Manu kneeing felled opponent, Woods Cross High’s Makenzie Clark, in the face. Clarke lost several teeth and received a hefty concussion. Manu escaped without a booking!?

Sports Best (Worst) Cheap Shots

What is up ladies? Proving she can match it with the men in the cheap shot department, college player Elizabeth Lambert single hand-idly school her opposition in the art of niggling. She’s must be pretty good at it as she only earned the ire of the umpire with one yellow card despite numerous brutal exchanges.

Ice Hockey has reputation for its liberal lashings of gratuitous violence but Marty McSorley stick to Donald Brashir’s head was downright deadly. McSorely narolly avoided jail time and never played in the NHL again. Ugly!

Sav Rocca earned a reputation as a tough and physical player in the AFL but nothing prepared him for the blindsiding he would received in his NFL debut. For those new to NFL, cheap shots on the specialty players is not cool. Sav copped like a champ though!

In on of the AFL’s most infamous moments, Dermott Brereton was cleaned up by Mike Yeates in the first bounce in the 1989 VFL grand final. Brereton was left vomiting and concussed but played on, kicking 3 goals. Hawthorn won by 6 points.

A cheap shot double wammy! First off, Victor Ortiz laid on a grubby headbutt and was re-payed with interest when offering up his apology. As the pair touch gloves, Floyd Mayweather lets rip with a brutal 1-2 sending Ortiz to the ground for 10. And it was legal!