I tell ya folks, when you’re right 52% of the time, you’re wrong 48% of the time. And if anyone ever suggested that AFL club logos couldn’t be gloriously transposed into the world of The Simpsons then they’re about to be on the wrong side of history.

The blessed internet has this morning gifted unto us all a delightful string of images, courtesy of Twitter user Troy Hallam, featuring every single AFL club’s logo stuffed through the Groening machine, combining very good puns with some handy Photoshop work.

Every single club. All 18 of ’em. Just in time for Week 2 of the finals. It’d be a great disservice to pick and choose which ones are the winners, so instead please to enjoy the whole shebang (Little Timmy not included).

Some excellent pun work there on Adelaide and Brisbane, and that photo of Carl goes perfectly with the shoehorned-in latin motto. Barney, cast as a Pies supporter, is an excellent touch. You can almost picture him bent over the bar at Moe’s, head wrapped in a well-worn black-and-white beanie.

Some more choice pun work with Essendon there, and the annoying and pig-headed Nelson fits in well as a Dons supporter. Gold Coast cops arguably the blandest pun of the lot which is fitting given everything about the side. The Cats copping Scratchy as a new mascot simply had to be done, while Fremantle turns to their old pal Mr. McGreg, with a leg for an arm and an arm for a leg.


Now we’re talking. This is the money set, right here. That Giants logo is some A+ reference work, and the North Melbourne/Haverbrook logo might well be the best of the lot. At the very least it’ll put ’em on the map. The Dorks logo is absolutely on point, and I absolutely guarantee you that everyone was saying Melboo-urns.


Oh, St. Edna. A logo with in memory of one of Springfield’s finest. Richmond’s one feels almost too obvious, but nonetheless rules. And it should be a rule that every Power fan born from now on must be named Bort. Furthermore, STAY OUT OF THE (GREATER) WESTERN SIDE.

And last, but not least, dear old Gil. He had to be in there somewhere. Sitting right alongside one Santos L. Halper. It’s beautiful. *Italian chef kissy fingers*

‘Course none of these teams could ever hold a candle to almighty Springfield Atoms, but that’s neither here nor there.