Some Deadshit Pinched David Warner’s Bat And Is Trying To Flog It Online

Look, we here at PEDESTRIAN.TV are obviously not here to advocate criminal activity of any kind. We’re certainly not about to guide you through the process of criming, and we’re not about to give you any hot tips that will serve you well during your crime time.

But my god, if you absolutely must chuck a theft, absolutely do not use your own personal Facebook page to try and flog off the lifted merchandise.
PARTICULARLY if that merchandise just so happens to be a cricket bat that you swiped from the bag of one of the most recognisable cricketers in the country right now.
David Warner is in the middle of one hell of a purple patch of form at the moment, and his stock in world cricket has arguably never been higher. It stands to reason then that Warner-related merchandise is also in hot demand.
To that end, apparently some opportunistic sort found himself in the vicinity of Warner’s gear bag, and decided to help himself to one of the Australian Test team opener’s bats. Which he then more-or-less immediately tried to sell online through his personal FB account.
The internet has this fun way of bringing dumb shit to the attention of the right people in double-quick time, and thusly Warner has put the call out to haul in the culprit…

…which has already lead to some A+ sleuthing.

Bless you, Internet. Never change.

Seriously though, dick move swiping the bat. Absolute dog act.
Photo: Ryan Pierse – CA/Getty Images.
Source: Twitter.