Six Gold Coast Titans Players Facing Cocaine Supply Charges

The crisis facing the Gold Coast Titans has gotten significantly worse, with six past and present players now facing charges relating to the supply of cocaine.
Players Greg Bird and Dave Taylor were served with notices to appear in court yesterday afternoon, just hours after the team returned from a trial match in Cairns.
Winger Kalifa Faifai Loa, hooker Beau Falloon, fringe first grader Jamie Dowling and former squad member Joe Vickery have also been charged in previous days.
Police allege that the men have were “identified contacting [a] drug syndicate and arranging for the supply of cocaine to friends and colleagues between August 2014 and December 2014.”
With the possibility remaining that more players may find themselves on charges, CEO Graeme Annesley says he has had a “gutful” of the situation.

Bird, Taylor, Loa, Falloon and Dowling have all been stood down from the club as they prepare to face the court. It is unclear whether or not they will be sacked, but they are due to meet with the board “in the near future.” 
Queensland Reds star Karmichael Hunt has also been charged in relation to supplying cocaine. Greg Bird had a run-in with the law late last year, when he ruined a perfectly lovely wedding weekend by weeing on everything.
via Fairfax
Photo: Matt Roberts via Getty Images