Four-time gold medallist gymnastics legend Simone Biles has concerned fans by withdrawing from the Tokyo Olympics team final competition.

The USA started on the vault at the women’s team gymnastics final, but Biles faltered with her first attempt and the hesitation cost her. She only completed 1.5 rotations instead of 2.5, tragically botching the landing and earning the lowest score of all six American and Russian competitors.

People were obviously shocked by what happened – Simone Biles is the best in the game, and it’s simply not like her to hesitate like that.

US sports columnist Nancy Armour said: “OMG. Simone bailed out of the Amanar, does a 1.5. Nearly lands it on her knees. And looks as if she’s about to cry as she comes off the podium, Cecile immediately goes and puts arm around her.”

American TV presenter Hoda Kotb described the audience as “just stunned.”

Immediately after, Bile walked off the floor with a team trainer, leading fans to worry that she had been injured, and by the time the US moved onto the beam, she was out of the competition.

“Simone has withdrawn from the team final competition due to a medical issue. She will be assessed daily to determine medical clearance for future competitions,” USA Gymnastics confirmed in a statement on Twitter.

While the US was obviously banking on Biles to bring the team victory, fans are way more concerned for her wellbeing than they are about winning.

The medical issue that led to Simone Biles’ exit from the games has not been specified, though there have been reports that she withdrew for her mental health.

Either way, hopefully she’s okay and not being too hard on herself. She’ll always be a legend, regardless of her performance at this year’s Olympics.