Shane Warne’s Thirst Is The Real Winner of ICC Cricket World Cup

Shane Warne has been hit with a bit of backlash after the Aussies won the Cricket World Cup. Despite being a Nine News commentator, he naturally ignored the journalistic urge to ask any technical/sport/strategy/emotional/patriotic questions that would normally be asked after winning a World Cup, and instead just asked everyone repeatedly to explain exactly how drunk they were gonna get in celebration.

Now, I know absolutely none of us expected Warnie to do such a thing, but at least now we know apparently his favourite word in the whole world is ‘thirsty’. Confirmation:

First, according to SMH, he asked Aussie wicketkeeper Brad Haddin: “Are you feeling thirsty?” 

He then asked Steve Smith a similar question: “Are you going to have a bit of a drink tonight too Smitty? Are you going to get thirsty as well? The boys are thirsty they seem.”

He then tweeted in the very early hours of the morning, telling everyone to back off, because honestly, aren’t we all being a bit uptight and PC? He was just being truly ‘Strayan by failing to ask anything sport-related about a momentous World Cup win. He also hashtagged his new favourite word:


And then kept rolling with the hashtag, posting this on Instagram with Australian Captain Michael Clarke:

Twitter’s mainly just posting photos of Warnie being #thirsty:

This was Australia’s fifth World Cup win, but thank the higher heavens that we know exactly how much alcohol each player was planning on drinking that night. Onya Warnie! 

Speaking of thirst:
Photo by Getty Images