The biggest auction to raise cash for the ongoing bushfire relief has closed, the auctioneer’s hammer has been hit, and someone has taken home Shane Warne‘s Baggy Green cap for a princely sum of over one million bucks.

After announcing he’ll be auctioning off his iconic baggy green to raise funds for bushfire victims earlier this week, the race to be the highest bidder on the piece of Australian sporting history apparently crashed the auction website.

It all ended at 10am on Friday morning with one ‘M.C. from Sydney’ taking home the treasured cap from the Australian Test number 350 with a bid of $1,007,500. Couple of frothies worth there, let me tell ya.

Considering the Baggy Green is only given to a selected amount of test cricketers and is absolutely not made for commercial purposes (so you can’t just nip down the merch stand and buy one, sorry) it’s not at all surprising that Warney’s beloved baggy bonce bonnet drew in massive numbers.

The Herald Sun reported that it was rumoured that some pretty notable people among the bidders including a Big Boss from one of the country’s major banks, but all were pipped to the post by the winning “M.C.” (Michael Clarke, is that you?)

Warney’s baggy green is now the most-expensive piece of cricket memorabilia ever, eclipsing items owned by Sir Donald Bradman by well over $500k. Hells bells.

Now I’m just waiting for him to put that iconic white floppy hat up for auction. Do it Warnie, give the people (me) what they want.

Image: Twitter / Brett Costello