Sex And The City Life Lessons With Kobe Bryant

What do Kobe Bryant, Sex And The City, and voting have in common. We don’t know either, even after reading Bryant’s piece in iVillage about the importance of voting. Somewhere along the way he got a little side-tracked.

Neither of us grew up in politically charged households so the issues weren’t things we were necessarily excited to read about and discuss to say the least. It was ESPN for me and ‘Carrie Fever’ (Sex and the City) for her. (Yes, I watched the show and loved it… It was quite ‘informative.)

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Voting is very important but I also agree with Kobe about the many meaningful life lessons we can take form the HBO smash-hit series. Let’s get schooled. Kobe style!

Top 5 Sex And The City Life Lessons

Approach with caution when using a single middle-aged woman’s neck massager.

Transexual prostitutes are just as fun loving and carefree as the rest of us. You can settle your neighbourhood disputes with a roof top party, some Flirtinis, and a few dick jokes.

You’re probably going to look a little bit like a nerd if you’re 34 and wearing braces. Even if they were sapphire.

Getting stood up is worse than someone dying if you’re a selfish, middle-aged bitch.

If you go up against Heidi Klum on the runway, you’ll end up fashion roadkill. Suck it Carrie!

Picture by Stephen Dunn at Getty Images