Serena Williams Reassured Naomi Osaka The Crowd Weren’t Booing At Her

Naomi Osaka, 20-year-old US Open champ, made her debut on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday to talk about being a legend and the tad bit of controversy that has since followed the final.

Osaka defeated Serena Williams in straight sets 6-2, 6-4 making her Japan‘s first-ever grand slam winner.

First and foremost as DeGeneres kicked off the interview Osaka said, “I’m sorry it’s so weird but you’re a real person.” 


Anywhoo, as Williams was challenging a call made by umpire Carlos Ramos, Osaka revealed she was not letting herself be distracted.

“When you’re little you’re taught not to look – if your opponent gets angry. You’re told just to turn around and try and focus so I tried to do that but in my mind I really wanted to know what was going on.” 

Even though we all knew what was going on from our tellies, Osaka couldn’t hear the challenge in play.

“I was looking away but I heard a lot of people in the crowd making noises and I really wanted to turn around but I didn’t.” 

The noise got even worse during the trophy ceremony – booing could be heard from the stands and as Osaka told DeGeneres, she did believe the boos were directed at her. Again, it was so loud in the arena so she had no idea what was going on. As the cameras showed, Williams had actually leaned over and said something to Osaka.

Asked about what Williams said Osaka answered, “She said that she was proud of me and that I should know that the crowd wasn’t booing at me so I was really happy that she said that.”

Then with Ellen being Ellen, she sussed a few of Osaka’s fave things.

Favourite colour? Black.

Favourite TV show? Right now, it’s The Office – Osaka’s on season seven.

Favourite singer? Beyoncé.

Celebrity crush? “I don’t know his name but he was in ‘Black Panther’ but he was the villain,” AKA the beautiful Michael B. Jordan. 

THEN, DeGeneres asked what Osaka will do with her whopping prize money of $3.8 million USD because at the moment she doesn’t have a car but Osaka answered, “I would rather buy my parents something.”


And then, and then, and then Osaka said she was going to buy her parents a TV so they can watch The Ellen Show and honestly, everyone’s heart just bloody melted at this point.

But here’s a cute bit – after DeGeneres is handed her phone and after she takes a selfie of herself with Osaka to send to Jordan HE REPLIED WITH A VIDEO MESSAGE.

“Hey Naomi it’s Michael B. I just wanted to say congratulations, Ellen hit me up and told me she was having you on the show so I wanted to send my love and support and just say congratulations. It’s a big moment for you and the way you carry yourself which such humility and grace it’s really amazing to see and set an amazing example for the kids and little boys and girls looking up to you so continue to work hard.”

You can watch Jordan’s full video, below.

(Swipe left.)

OH, and then DeGeneres gave Osaka a huggeeeee TV for her parents.

On Instagram Osaka shared a pic from the interview with the caption “Okay life is insane. Love you @theellenshow”.

Catch the full interview, below.