Pls Enjoy This Clip Of A Scottish Soccer Player Punching Her Own Dislocated Kneecap Back In

If it were me – if I had to take an official stance on the matter – I would leave most, if not all, bone manipulation to properly trained medical experts. Should some horrible orthopaedic-related malady befall me, I would simply allow a qualified and experienced doctor to treat it. I, however, am not Jane O’Toole of Scottish football side St Mirren, who caught the grimacing attention of the sporting world over the weekend after she bashed her own horribly dislocated kneecap back into place during a game.

The St Mirren captain went down in the 51st minute of St Mirren’s clash against Inverness Caledonian Thistle, with footage of the incident making it very apparent something was not quite right in the joints department.

Rather than wait for assistance from the sidelines, however, O’Toole immediately went to work; hammering the displaced kneecap like it owed her money until it popped back into place.

I cannot be more clear about this: The below video features an apparently made-of-rock woman wailing on her own bung knee until it snaps back in. That’s what the footage is, you will see a horrible sports injury by pressing play.

Here’s where it gets really good: Rather than walk off the field to ice and rest the injury – something that foolish chuds like you or I may do – O’Toole instead got back up and ran out the remainder of the match, which at that point involved another 40 solid minutes of play.

That’s even more remarkable when you consider St Mirren was getting absolutely obliterated 6 – 0 at the time of the incident, so you probably would’ve forgiven her for putting the cue in the rack at that stage.

How the hell about that though, folks. Big Daryn Cresswell 1997 energies about it. Hard as nails. You love to see it.