Footy heads from all walks of life have united on Twitter to bask in the complete devastation of Collingwood President Eddie McGuire. 

Honestly, before I blab on for a bit let’s just look at this one tweet first.

That’s 688 likes and 730 retweets at the time of writing, bloody hell.

I, myself, can’t pinpoint the exact reason why people passionately hate the man but they do – they really do.

Anyway, the Pies just, and I mean just came short in today’s AFL Grand Final against West Coast 11.13 (79) to 11.8 (74). It was an  E P I C  clash and the Pies were just ahead for most of the game… until the final ten minutes when it all went to shits for them.

Even their poor banner was torn to shreds by the savage Melbourne winds before the boys even hit the field but coach Nathan Buckley was such a good sport about it. The man, in the minutes before the biggest match in his career, took the time to assure every person behind the banner that it was no big deal and most definitely not their fault. Melbourne’s weather is just a dickhead.

What a bloody legend.

This aside, Eagles fans, general AFL fans, AFL-hating people, and many more tore into McGuire on Twitter.

Even if you absolutely hate the bloke, you have to admit he really brings together the people.

Oh my GOD.

But hey, that game was incredibly intense and came right down to the wire so some people did feel bad for the big boss.

In short:

The, uh, enjoyment of tears aside McGuire told the press back in the locker room that “It’s been a wonderful year. There are so many great stories to come out of our team. I’m just so proud of our club.” 

In other news:

Hahahahahahahah Christ, today is wild.

In other, other news: #flyinghigh

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, mates.

Image: Channel 7