The Australian women’s 4x100m medley relay team absolutely dominated the Tokyo Olympics, so of course some salty Americans tried to accuse them of cheating – not without consequences though, I assure you.

Australia pulled off an INCREDIBLE team performance in the women’s 4x100m medley relay, winning gold and making history.

Kaylee McKeown, Chelsea Hodges, Emma McKeon and Cate Campbell beat the US and won first place in probably one of the most riveting and tense races we’ve seen this year, finishing on an Olympic-record time of 3:51.60.

There was, however, some drama around Campbell’s reaction time following McKeon’s touch. It was 0.04 seconds – which is minuscule compared to America’s Abbey Weitzeil‘s reaction time of 0.38 seconds. Campbell’s 0.04 seconds is actually legal and prevented her disqualification, but it was a close thing.

“I saw a number one next to our names and I thought, ‘oh, my goodness, that’s incredible’,” Campbell told Channel 7 after the race.

“I looked up and the girls were celebrating and I thought ‘my changeover was very quick, we’ve either just won an Olympic gold medal or we’ve just been disqualified’.

“So I was like we have to wait until the results are official. And they were official and we are Olympic gold medallists.”

Campbell whizzed past Weitzeil to win us gold, but considering Australia won the race by 0.13 seconds, you could argue that Campbell’s lightning-fast start ultimately proved the difference. So, like clockwork, a minority of salty Americans decided to accuse her of cheating.

Of course Aussie’s weren’t going to let any slander tarnish the reputation of these national treasures, and the clapbacks to certain whiny Americans are clearing my skin and adding ten years to my life.

This isn’t the first time American’s have tried to shit on our wins either – others attacked Ariarne Titmus‘ coach for his off tits victory dance following her gold medal. Imagine being so salty that someone’s joy offends you? Those commentators were promptly put in their place by Aussies too.

Nothing brings us Aussies together quite like an annoying American, huh?