Roy Hibbert Urkels-Out To Hide Blood Stain

No one’s questioning Roy Hibbert’s dedication to his team. With the Indiana Pacers clinging to a slim lead over the Portland Trail Blazers, Hibbert went that extra yard to ensure his team got over the line. And we’re not taking about a game defining rebound, a long range 3-pointer, or even a moral boosting dunk! No, Hibbert went one further, bucking the trend of his image conscious, ego centric, NBA brethren, and purposely looked like a dick for the good of the team.

As a prolific shot blocker, Hibbert’s presence when protecting a lead in the dying moments is pretty important. Noticing blood on his jersey and realising that his team could ill afford for him to be yanked from the court on a blood ruling, Hibbert awkwardly hitches his pants to Urkel levels. With the blood concealed and a major fashion crime committed, Hibbert played out the rest of the game and provided a decisive defensive rebound with a minute to go. The Pacers won the game 99-92.

It way not have been hygienic or fashionable but dayum, it was clever!

via Sports Grind