The dream is alive and well, friends!

With the Rio Olympics coming up in August, all our much beloved local broadcasters are in the final stages of cementing their coverage of the event. And Triple M just dropped a bombshell on us all that’s sure to be felt all the way from Lithgow to Smiggin Holes.

Inarguably Australia’s most iconic sports broadcasting team, Roy & HG will reunite for a daily radio show throughout the entire games.

“Rampaging” Roy Slaven and his cohort HG Nelson have not graced the hallowed halls of the Big Ms since ‘The Life‘ aired its last episode back in 2011.

But their long awaited return to commercial FM airwaves will see them live, on air, between midday and 1pm Monday to Friday as the Rio games rumbles on from August 8th until the 19th.

HG, officially self-dubbed Triple M’s “senior boxing correspondent” for the games’ coverage, stated it was a “dream come true” to return to work alongside his longtime deskmate.

The pair issued a joint statement confirming the new show early this morning:

“We are both humbled and proud that the great organisation has seen the error of their ways and opened their doors for us, albeit for a fortnight.”

“Once every four years, Australians get very excited about the shot put, the single skulls and the shotgun.”

Triple M’s Mardi Gras of Medals will bring you every heave, every strain and every bang from the five rings of Rio.”

For those whose memories need refreshing, Roy & HG’s previous Olympic coverage is legendary amongst fans, and includes Channel 7 shows like ‘The Dream‘ during the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the ‘The Ice Dream‘ for the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, and ‘The Dream Again‘ for the 2004 Athens Olympics.

Get your keenness radars dialled in with some dead-set iconic gymnastics commentary from the pair, that gifted unto the world such magnificent technical terms as the “battered sav” and the “hello boys.”


Source: The Age.

Photo: Channel Ten.