Roosters Coach Breaks Silence On Mitchell Pearce’s “Unacceptable” Actions

The fallout from the video scandal befalling Sydney Roosters captain Mitchell Pearce continues today, with the Roosters senior coach Trent Robinson fronting media for the first time since the news broke.

Speaking to media outside Roosters HQ, Robinson confirmed that the matter is under investigation, and that Pearce has been stood down pending the outcome.
He also stated that the behaviour exhibited was clearly “unacceptable,” but stopped short of personally condemning the actions of the intoxicated Pearce in the video.

“After the incident on Wednesday night, we at the Sydney Roosters have found that Mitchell’s behaviour was unacceptable, and that’s why he’s been stood down up until this matter’s resolved and we’ll go through that with the NRL over the next couple of days.”

Pearce was the subject of a video obtained by A Current Affair that clearly showed him – shirtless and drunk – simulating a sexual act with a dog and also *HELLO, OVER HERE, THIS BIT IS ALSO IMPORTANT* forcing himself onto a female acquaintance immediately after being told no.

The investigation continues.
Photo: Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images.
Source: 9News Sydney/Twitter.