Australian Open Security Stopped Roger Federer Because He Didn’t Have ID

Roger Federer

Security is apparently pretty tight at the Australian Open – so much so that even if you happen to be Roger Federer, you’re not getting into Melbourne Park without the appropriate laminated pass around your neck.

A video emerged on Twitter overnight showing Federer – the winner of twenty grand slam single titles, including six Australian Opens, and the world number-one ranked male player for five years – being stopped at the entrance.

To his credit, he didn’t pull any “don’t you know who I am?” type nonsense, waiting patiently for members of his entourage to cruise by with their laminated passes before he followed them through the door. Check out the video below:

Roger Federer was not the only high-profile player to be pulled up by Australian Open security without the proper credentials. Another video on Twitter shows a similar thing happening to Maria Sharapova in the corridors of Melbourne Park.

While the guards were clearly just doing their jobs and checking for credentials to make sure someone sinister didn’t just wander into a restricted area, English tennis writer Simon Briggs later noted that supposedly laid-back Aussies are actually sticklers for rules.

He then went off on a bit of a Twitter tear, explaining his other encounters with rule-crazy Aussies, like the time he was told to stop playing frisbee in an empty car park at the SCG.