When I picture the diets of world-class athletes competing at an event they’ve likely been training for their entire lives, it usually brings to mind images of coldly calculated piles of kale and beef washed down with glasses of a dozen raw eggs, but apparently they’re just as indulgent as us when it comes to chowing down in the Olympic village.

Thanks to a less than impressive cafeteria and a casual dining restaurant that has a tendency to get swamped, athletes are relying pretty heavily on Mickey D‘s to get their food, to the point that the one inside the village has placed a limit on how much people can order at a time.

It makes sense, given that it’s not only convenient but also free to athletes and coaches, but also it’s kinda hilarious to picture someone who just broke the record for world’s fastest land animal or whatever come back to the village to smash a couple of quarter pounders.

Rio Maccas Limits Orders After Athletes Take The Piss With Free Food Offer

The McDonald‘s is putting a limit of 20 items per individual, which still seems like a vast amount of food, but apparently you can still order more if you’re fine with having your order pushed back down the list of priorities. 

Apparently the Chinese basketball team are going crazy for it, with one nameless employee saying they’re there 9am every day for Big Macs, bless their gigantic hearts.

Aussie badminton player Sawan Serasinghe took to the free Maccas to commiserate losing to Chinese Taipei / celebrate being able to eat normal food like a person again. Well, sort of:

Truly an Olympic effort.

Source: Washington Post.