This Guy Who Cosplayed As Joe Exotic At The Footy Deserves A Fkn Lifetime Richmond Membership

richmond tigers joe exotic

Can I please get an ‘F’ in the chat for this absolute legend who has taken it upon himself to dress up as the Tiger King Joe Exotic (complete with a stuffed tiger, for ~authenticity~) for tonight’s Richmond V Geelong game?

I know the Tiger King era of the pandemic feels like a bazillion years ago and most of us are over it, but apparently not this guy, who cosplayed as Exotic to show his undying support to our beloved Tigers. He truly is from Tigerland (YELLOW! AND! BLACK!).

Absolutely everything about this is just too pure for words. The mullet, the stuffed tiger, the metallic leopard-print shirt. All of it!

And don’t even get me started on how hard it hits me in the feels to watch this man cheer whenever the Tigers score. Iconic. Love it! Love him! Love this.

And, as you’d expect, I’m not the only person who is absolutely mesmerised by this man.

Tiger King may be a distant memory for most of us, but I’m sure we’ve still got years of costume parties and cosplays to remind us of that absolute shit show to come.