Horse racing. It’s bad. Let’s not get it twisted here. It’s a cruel industry that exists to funnel untold amounts of cash into the pockets of the utmost elite, which it gets by exploiting the misery of the desperate. Occasionally, however, it produces something really, really funny. Like this yarn.

Racing NSW has slapped an 18-month ban on an owner over a botched name job on a debuting racehorse.

Stewards ruled that managing owner Stuart Ruse was guilty of both “conduct prejudicial to the interests and/or image of racing” and “providing false evidence” to race officials, over a filly he owned and named Andiamo Fica who made her racing debut on September 4th.

Seems fine and dandy, right? Nothing terribly out of the ordinary there.

Until, of course, you funnel “Andiamo Fica” into Google Translate and suddenly realise what exactly is going on.

Racing Owner In NSW Banned For 18 Months For Naming A Horse ‘Let’s Go C*nt’


Andiamo Fica is Italian for Let’s Go, uh… Kent.

Let’s Go Kent.

I know we swear like champions on this website but even we have our limitations.

In total, Ruse was suspended for 18 months by racing stewards, meaning he won’t be able to run horses in his name until March of 2020.

Racing Australia rules stipulate that all racing horse names have to be approved by the operating authorities, with the registrar holding powers to cancel any name they wish at will.

That hasn’t stopped the industry from sporting a litany of near-the-line names across the past forever and a bit, but apparently this one was simply a bridge too far.

Now then, to enter the racing industry with my beloved steed Pork Hunt and see how far I get.

Source: Herald Sun
Image: Getty Images / Alan Crowhurst