QLD Coppers Have Named One Of Their New Pups After Boxing Champ Jeff Horn

Queensland Police have refrained from letting the public name their newest litter of crime-fightin’ pups dumb things like Hope and extremely genius things like Harriet The Spy, and have instead taken the v serious duty of naming the ‘H’ Litter upon themselves.

They’ve decided to name one of their bb pupperinos after Jeff Horn, the QLD boxer who creamed the then-WBO welterweight champ Manny Pacquiao back in July.

Yep, pupper’s name is Hornet, and Queensland Police, you know what? We’ll give you that. That is a name that is the perfect mix of fierce and adorable. Well done.

The do-good doggos were born on 2 July – the very day that Horn beat Pacquiao in Brisbane.

QLD Police Minister Mark Ryan said today: “We are extremely proud of Jeff’s achievements and it is my hope that Hornet will make it to a fully-fledged PD, be sworn into service and display some heroics of his own.”

The other two boys in the German Shepherd litter were dubbed Hero and Hurricane (bit naff to name a second dog after a boxer, actually, particularly one that may or may not have committed murder in the 1960s).

While the girls were apparently named by four nine-year-old girls after their dolls or some shit: Hadee, Halo, Honour and Holly.

The seven-week-old dogs will next week be taken by carers who will raise them until they’re ready for more police training, with the aim to one day become general purpose doggos.

In these dogs we trust.

Here is an incredibly precious pic of Jeff Horn cuddling his namesake: