A Psychic Goat Did Not Correctly Predict The Final Denmark-Australia Score

Australia just tied their Group C match against Denmark, 1-1, in their second game of the World Cup in Russia, having lost 2-1 to France in their opening match last weekend.

The Socceroos efforts mean that Zabiyaka, the so-called Oracle of Samara, a white goat in one of the city’s zoos is well, half-right. He knew the two teams would draw, he just didn’t know the score, having predicted a 2-2 tie.

How did he predict this? Well, he ate from a bowl of food behind a sign indicating a tie. And then after totally ignoring the food next to each country’s flag, he ate TWICE from each bowl. There you have it: psychic science.

The goat’s previous predictions have been 66% correct, which is… fine? Inexact to say the least. Oh, and Zabi Baby went for Belgium as the tournament’s overall winner.

Meanwhile, a meerkat called Timon in a Samara shopping mall petting zoo predicted a win for Denmark, by eating a bunch of worms in a bowl next to a Danish flag. His boo Cleopatra, also a meerkat, decided to sit this one out.

There are even more psychic animals across Russia predicting the outcomes of World Cup matches, from Achilles the cat in St Petersburg, to two hippos named Milya and Glyasik in Kaliningrad, and a lemur in Yekaterinburg.

Our very own psychic croc, Burt, up in Darwin, pegged Australia as the winners in last week’s match against France, by chewing on a pic of Aussie midfielder Mile Jedinak, which was, as we all now know, totally incorrect.

40,727 people headed along to the stadium in Samara to catch Thursday’s game.