Pray For This Man, Who Lives In QLD But Has Painted His House NSW Blue

Few people know the humiliating struggle of living behind sporting enemy lines than those NSW residents who have relocated to Queensland, and vice versa.
Leaving the home nest after a lifetime of supporting the local boys and shifting into the realm of the others brings with it a set of unique circumstances and skills; a need to bite one’s tongue in the face of overwhelming banter, a thick skin for the ocean of opposition colours flooding the new neighbourhood, and a knowledge of where your fellow displaced expats are – and the safe spaces they gather – at any given time.
It’s not about fanaticism anymore. It’s about maintaining the peace, however precarious that may be.
So with that said, our thoughts and prayers go out to this man – “Daryl” – a NSW Blues diehard living in Brisbane who has boldly stuck his neck out by accepting payment from Sportsbet to paint his entire house Origin Blue.
Leaving the mailbox as is feels a little each-way-bet ish, but who are we to judge.
If there’s any sense in this crazy world, that house is surrounded by eight houses painted top-to-toe in glorious Maroon.
Eight in a row, folks.
Eight in a dang row.

Source: Sportsbet.
Photo: Sportsbet/Facebook.