Pinocchio Unveiled As Cycling Mascot… Seriously

In international WTF news, the International Cycling Union (UCI) has revealed that Pinocchio will be the mascot for next year’s World Road Race Championships in Italy. What is up that UCI? Competition was said to be fierce with Barry the Oxygenated Blood Bag and Ned the Needle mounting strong cases before the UCI finally awarded the honour to the dude whose nose grows longer every-time he lies.

The race website says: “Our Pinocchio is proud that his land, Tuscany, has been chosen as the venue for hosting the World Championships. The silhouette is athletic and slender like a true racer.”

Pinocchio will also have a social message: under his left arm carries a helmet to “communicate”, both adults and children, that security is a prerequisite.

The statement goes on: “Ours is a Pinocchio attached to his land, proud, sports and attentive. His attention is fixed on the horizon, expressing an optimistic attitude, projected into the future.”

The expression of the face is smiling, happy, positive, and at the same time almost amazed/surprised. Amazed by the beauty he sees in front of him (because there are lands and places that never cease to amaze. This type of expression is also intended as an invitation to the public to come and discover the beauty of this land.”

For sheer lunacy, Pinocchio could see a revision of our Top 5 Worst Mascots Of All Time. Strange just doesn’t cut it. This one’s for you Lance, you lying jack-ass!

via the Telegraph.