Pimpin Messi Takes Out The Ballon d’Or

Lionel Messi is not only officially the best footballer of his generation after taking a record fourth consecutive FIFA Ballon d’Or, but he can also lay claim to being one stylish mofo after out scoring fellow nominees Christiano Rinaldo and Andres Iniesta with an audacious polka dot blazer and bow-tie combo.

Rinaldo’s classic approach will probably stand the test of time far better but damn, Messi be looking fine!

High end fashion aside, Messi’s record 91 goals across all competitions was a standout for the national team coaches, captains, and selected media who where  invited to vote. And while Rinaldo haters were granted further ammunition with his sullen response to the verdict, Messi was all class with with his humble and reserved acceptance of the award.

Entering the year as the top dog once again, Messi can’t expect to be the most marked player in the world but that hasn’t held him back in the past.

Pictures Oliver Morin/Getty Images