Sports fans, bless their hearts, are weird, loveable dorks. I know, because I am absolutely one of them. You kind of have to be when you hang all your emotions on the outcome of an unpredictable athletic contest that you have literally no control over.

Philadelphia 76ers fans, in particular, are a special breed. Years – decades, even – of suffering through god-awful seasons looked like brightening up this year with a young, talented roster, and their prized number one draft pick Ben Simmons set to usher in a new era in Philly basketball.

Lo and behold, Simmons went down with a season-ending injury before the season even began, and fans seemed resigned to grit through one more year of hardship.

But something strange has been happening with the Sixers as of late. That young, talented core has suddenly begun finding their feet as a unit, and they’ve been stunning some highly fancied teams. They’ve won nine of their last twelve, rolling past Toronto, Portland, and today they bested the Los Angeles Clippers, in a run of form that kicked off on New Year’s Eve.

Philly fans? They’re ecstatic. So ecstatic, in fact, that to celebrate wins they’ve been… well… they’ve been raising cats.

As in, physically hoisting their furry pals up into the air.

The originator of the #RaiseTheCat trend, or the proto-cat hoister if you will, is a bloke by the name of Dennis Grove, who has been celebrating Sixers wins with his cat on Twitter for some time, but only began raising kitty to the ceiling earlier this month.

A couple of days ago, Ben Simmons himself decided to get on board:

And now, after today’s massive comeback win against the Clippers, it’s full-bore cats to the ceiling for happy Philly fans.

Simmons got behind it again today as well, during an Instagram Live broadcast.

Hell, some people have even been raising some uh… very different types of cat:

But mainly? It’s cats to the roof. Because sport is wonderful and fans are crazy and weird and the absolute best.

raising the roof is sooo last yr ??????#RAISETHECAT @sixers #winning #philly #eastcoast #love #basketball #catlover #sixerswin #catstagram #boomerang #video

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Seems like chan is more of a football fan … #raisethecat #trusttheprocess #sorrychandler #109876ers ??

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Trust the process. Raise the cat. Go Philly!

Source: Twitter, Instagram.

Photo: Dennis Grove/Twitter.