Here’s Patty Mills Silencing Lakers Fans With An Ice-Cold OT Game-Winner

It’s all well and good to say that home court buzzer-beaters are the best, with thousands of fans in rapturous glee after the shot goes down. But the real sporting connoisseur among you will know there’s nothing quite like seeing a winning shot go down on enemy territory; the air being instantly sucked out of the stands as all lingering hope is snuffed out for the suddenly-silent opposition fans. Patty Mills got that in spades a short time ago, reducing the Staples Centre to absolute silence after draining the match-winning basket for his San Antonio Spurs in a wild, overtime encounter against the LA Lakers.

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Mills and the Spurs travelled to LA to take on LeBron James and the Lakers in a hugely high-scoring encounter that went beyond regulation and down to the wire in overtime.

After LeBron lit up the parochial home crowd with a clutch shot that put the Lakers up by 6 with under a minute remaining, a wild Spurs comeback culminated in Mills stepping up and sucking the life out of the building with this insanely calm mid-range jumper that gave them the game-winning lead.


With the final score reading a whopping 143 – 142, Mills’ shot capped off an incredible sequence of play to close out the overtime period; one that featured a staggering 29 total points in just 5 minutes of game time.

Patty Mills. Absolute superstar.