Patrick Stewart Did A Shoey, Boldly Going Where Many Men Have Gone Before

Doing a shoey is the Australian cultural equivalent of dabbing. It was mostly funny three years ago, we all had a good time with it, but it’s starting to get a bit beyond the point of weird.
Regardless, the inexplicable foot-based beverage has a permanent home on the Formula 1 winner’s podium thanks to Daniel Ricciardo‘s on-going success in the sport.
The Parkway Drive-lovin’ local-boy-done-good has made the art of swigging from das boot part of his victory celebration when standing atop the podium, regardless of whether he finishes first, second, or third.
And a third place finish at the Montreal Grand Prix overnight meant that once again the sweaty ked came off, to be promptly filled with overpriced champagne and chugged from with impunity.
This time around, however, globally beloved legend Sir Patrick Stewart was on-hand to assist in the winning ceremonies, and thus now – almost inevitably – we have this footage of Patrick By-God Stewart doing a fucking shoey.

Bold prediction: By this time next year, Bob Hawke will have done a shoey, cementing its place as a traditional Australian greeting, and throwing all meaning of life into question.
Source: Streamable.