The ‘Parks & Rec’ Crew Paid Tribute To NFL Star Andrew Luck After His Shock Retirement

In case you were wondering what that curious sound of a thousand bros suddenly crying out in terror was all about yesterday, the NFL is currently dealing with the fallout of the shock and extremely abrupt retirement of Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck at the age of just 29, and just two weeks out from the start of a new season. While every man and his fantasy team has their hot take on the matter (ours: pro athletes don’t owe any fan a goddamned thing), one touching tribute to Luck came from a somewhat surprising source: Parks & Recreation and The Good Place creator Mike Schur.

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Those of you well-versed in Parks & Rec lore will no doubt remember that Luck had a fairly memorable cameo appearance in the series as part of a string of Bachelor Parties thrown for the rag-tag group of Ben Wyatt, Chris Traeger, Tom Haverford, Ron Swanson, and Andy Dwyer, the latter of which took them to the Colts’ home Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis where Luck and fellow Colt Reggie Wayne put the group through their paces.

Luck appeared in another episode of the series a year later with Pawnee making a trip to the big smoke as part of the NFL’s very real Play60 campaign.

Following the announcement of his retirement – which Luck did while citing the physical toll many years of getting absolute bashed by opposition teams, as well as a lack of passion for the game and a desire to travel the world with his young family – Schur took to Twitter to defend his former cast member amid a barrage of baffling criticism from football and media nuffies.

How’s that. Just insanely lovely stuff all around.

But yeah, sure. Keep banging on about your damned fantasy football roster ya dinguses.