Panthers Tough-Nut Thomas Davis Played Super Bowl With This Gnarly Injury

The Super Bowl is the literal Super Bowl of American football, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise when elite athletes grind through injuries and intense pain to play on that hallowed turf.

Emphasis on *shouldn’t* come as a surprise. A photo posted by Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis after their 24-10 loss to the Denver Broncos is still bloody surprising, seeing as his arm resembles an actual football.

This post is not about me, or how tough I am. It’s not to shine any light on me or my injuries. Our team doctors and…

Posted by Thomas Davis on Sunday, 7 February 2016

Davis copped the injury in an earlier NFC Championship game, leading surgery on his broken (!) arm a scant two weeks ago; afterwards, Davis said pre-SB practice with the team “feels great.” Evidently, the rest of us might need to reassess what “feeling great” entails. 

Regardless, the Panthers’ #58 played today, sporting 40+ stitches under a cast. He somehow managed seven wince-inducing tackles. 
Much has been made lately of the NFL’s injury record, especially the growing amount of evidence suggesting the sport contributes to brain damage in players’ later years. Is having the sports’ practitioners so willing to undergo brutal physical trauma is a good thing? Well, probably not. 

You can’t deny that unstoppable desire to go and play ball, though.