It’s not a real Origin match unless I spend the last five minutes breathing deep, deliberate breaths like a woman giving birth and Game 1 of the 2019 series certainly did not disappoint, with Queensland carving out an 18-14 win against the Blues in the last 15 minutes of the game.

NSW came out ahead 0-8 in the first half, with a penalty from Nathan Cleary and a try in the 19th minute from Josh Morris. The Maroons had a few very close calls but didn’t manage to get anything over the line (or, more importantly, past the video ref).

Queensland came back strong early in the second half, Corey Oates managed to somersault into the corner in the 52nd minute giving Queensland their first try.

Things drew even at 59 minutes after Queensland were awarded a penalty goal over Latrell Mitchell being held back from the ball. Things stayed at 8-8 until the moment I wait for in every Origin game — namely, when Dane Gagai takes the fuck off.

At 67 minutes Gagai ran only a few metres shy of the full length of the field on an intercept, passing through the Blues untouched like a magical fucking ghost.

Just five minutes later, Gagai brought that lead up to 18-8 after placing the ball neatly in the corner.

A try for the Blues from Jake Trbojevic nearly gave me a stomach ulcer but ultimately was not enough, giving Queensland the win.

As always: Shut the fuck up, Gus.

Image: Getty Images / Jono Searle