One Year On, The Crows Vow To “Get The Job Done” In Honour Of Phil Walsh

It’s coming up to one year since the death of Adelaide Crow‘s coach Phil Walsh, and captain Taylor Walker says each player will honour the anniversary differently.

Speaking to The Guardian today, Walker said that Walsh “left a massive footprint on the footy club and individuals’ lives so I’m sure individuals will treat it differently by themselves.”

Walsh was allegedly murdered last year his 27-year-old son Cy last year, who pleaded not guilt in the South Australian Supreme Court last February. 

Walker said the best way they could pay tribute to him is, “as he said, getting the job done on Sunday.”

“I had a great relationship with him so it’s probably fair to say I do think about him quite often. He was a great man, Phil.”

However, Walker was reluctant to go into any further detail. “They are conversations that myself and Phil have had and, to be honest, I don’t really feel comfortable pulling it out there so that is something I will hold to myself.”

Crows midfielder Richard Douglas told repeated Walker’s comments on the weekend that the on the best tribute would be to “get the job done”.

“Every day we think about Walshy and we miss him, but for the playing group, we’ll be pretty determined to pay tribute to him,” he said.

“We feel the best way to do that will be to get the job done, as he would say, against Melbourne.

“It’ll be a special week for us and a time of reflection, but we’re looking forward to Sunday and making him proud.”

The Crows are set to play Melbourne at the MCG on Sunday, aiming for their sixth straight win.

Source: The Guardian / AFL.

Photo: Getty / Quinn Rooney.