A Skier’s Peen Turned Into A Cocksicle After He Caught Frostbite During An Olympic Race

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In extremely horrific news for anyone with a dong between their legs, an Olympic Skier’s schlong froze like leftover’s dinner in a race that spanned for more than an hour. Oof.

Finland skier Remi Lindholm was in the middle of the men’s 50km race at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games when he began to feel his peen turn rock hard. And not the good kind of hard at that.

Lindholm described the match as “one of the worst competitions [he’d] been in” because of the Mr. Freeze incident.

“You can guess which body part was a little bit frozen when I finished,” he told Finnish media via CNN.

“It was just about battling through.”

It’s unclear when exactly in the race his human hose became a cocksicle but the race took Lindholm an hour and 16 minutes to complete.

But organisers delayed the race and shortened it by 20kms because they were concerned athletes would get frostbite. A similar incident occurred for Lindholm in Finland last year which is just extremely unfortunate.

Lindholm grabbed a heat pack to defrost his frozen sausage when he finished the race.

“When the body parts started to warm up after the finish, the pain was unbearable,” he said.

God, I can only begin to imagine this feeling. My hands already hurt whenever I try to scoop out pieces of frozen manga from the freezer.

I’m sure experiencing the snake between your legs defrosting like you shoved your dick in the microwave is a lot less fun.

Remi Lindholm came in 28th place in the race. But he was only four minutes behind the race’s medal winners and 16 minutes ahead of the athletes coming last, according to Rolling Stone.

The Finnish skier appears to have recovered since the race. He attended the Beijing Winter Olympic Games 2022 closing ceremony on Sunday.