Olympic Luger Wipes Out At 70mph Then Recovers Like An Absolute Boss

Indian luger Shiva Keshavan has pulled off one of the best recoveries in sport since that kid who copped a tennis ball in the face.

Because India is totally known for its winter sports and luge tracks (median temperature in India: 100000 degrees Celsius) old mate Keshavan had to train on highways in the Himalayas. Highways. Competing with cars and people and animals and all other sorts of crap.

It’s an effort that would make John Candy proud. Producers in Hollywood/Bollywood are rolling their hands together, licking their lips and already counting their Benjamin Franklins with the thought of turning this story into the next Cool Runnings.

Lugers travel down the track at about 70mph (roughly 112 kph). With that in mind, good luck getting any stunt double to pull off this move.

Still managed to clock in a reasonable 1:01.64.

Photo: Peter Parks via Getty