Very Old Man Sam Newman Went On An Utterly Bizarre Pro-Trump Rant

For better or worse (worse) the re-tooled version of The Footy Show returns to the air tonight, a few weeks after regular panel member/possibly pickled person Sam Newman took a behind-the-scenes creative dispute (producers blocked him from appearing on the show in drag) onto live TV by refusing to speak during a broadcast.

While the show is promising that “fun is back” – which apparently to them means that Eddie McGuire is returning as host and they’re axing the much-maligned ‘Street Talk‘ segment – Newman’s promotion for the re-birthed broadcast took a huge turn towards the insane while appearing on radio earlier this morning.

Appearing on 3AW with Neil Mitchell this morning, Newman first addressed the demise of his long-running Street Talk segment, calling it “another casualty of this politically correct age we are living in.

But from there, the 71-year-old morphed his attentions into a wholly strange and borderline unhinged rant in favour of US President Donald Trump, labelling predecessor Barack Obama as having “all the characteristics of a dog.”

On both Triple M and 3AW Newman’s ramblings turned to global politics and his shining, unabated love for the current US Commander in Chief.

Don’t worry about the Front Bar or the Footy Show, you should be so lucky … Donald Trump is running the world and America. He took over from the greatest, incompetent (person) … that man he took over from is the most unworthy president ever, he had all the characteristics of a dog except loyalty.

He was a disgrace and thank God Donald Trump is in charge of the free world and the western world.

He took over from the most unworthy, incompetent person ever to hold that office and he’s trying to right that ship.

His detractors are psychotic anarchists who are nothing more than traitors to that country, which includes most of the Hollywood actors and the left-wing press.

That is ah… a strange way to promote your TV show returning.

For reasons that can only be assumed to fall under the “why the fuck not” category, Mitchell also asked Newman for his opinion on same-sex marriage. Cop this for a take.

Someone asked me the other day am I in favour of gay marriage, yes or no, and I said it is not a one-word answer like that, there are provisos and there are points of view that do not fit into a one-word answer.

Having said that if — I’m just saying if — your point of view is you don’t agree with it because of some reason, whether it’s religious or the reason you were brought up, you are immediately pigeonholed into being homophobic or sexist or racist — those three buzz words that have swept the universe.

The Footy Show returns to Channel Nine at 8:30pm tonight.

Alternatively you could watch Channel Seven’s much better Front Bar at the same time.

Or better still, you could watch the seriously fucking great Margrook Footy Show on NITV at 7:30pm.

The choice is yours, really.