NSW Celebrated Winning Origin By Immediately Sinking Piss Off The Shield

Despite losing last night’s third and final clash of the series, New South Wales still took home the chocolates in the form of the coveted, revered, and highly respected State of Origin shield.

The Shield itself has a storied history; it is one of Australia’s most sought-after sporting trophies; it has been held by champions and legends of the game, icons, heroes, immortals.

So with that said, and with all things being equal, the Blues celebrated the series win by pouring beer down it and sucking one back for the mother state.

As you do.


Yes boys. There you go. Queenslanders might have had 8 in a row, but those sins are washed away by cracking open a lukewarm Tooheys New and heaving one back off King Wally’s bones. Beautiful stuff.

Another angle of the deed shows the precision and teamwork required to pull off such a feat – a display of piss-sucking worthy of state representation.


Two to hold the shield, one to pour the froth, and one at the bottom lapping it up like it’s a shot of cheap tequila being fanged down an ice slide at a poolside bar in Tijuana. Remarkable scenes.

You might’ve lost a few drops of beer but it matters not when you’ve won the bloody shield.

New South Wales, it’s coming home.