The tantrums becoming par for Nick Kyrgios‘ course could surely overshadow the Canberran’s game – if only he weren’t absolutely slaying at Wimbledon, surging through rounds like there’s no freakin’ tomorrow.

Kyrgios trumped seventh seed Milos Raonic 5-7, 7-5, 7-6 (7-3), 6-3 in a fiery third round overnight, and symbolic act of revenge – the Canadian ended Kyrgios’ Wimbledon run last year. So heated did the match become, that following a missed break point, Kyrgios’ racket turned rogue in a rage – slamming on to the court and fanging straight into the crowd.

Thar she blows.

The incident follows two previous umpire spats – arguments with officials in both his first and second rounds have made headlines this week. And yet, all the while – your boy remains the most marketable athlete in the country. 

According to the ABC, Kyrgios—who will face France’s Richard Gasquet in Monday’s fourth round—is quietly confident of his chances at Wimbledon this year, saying that seizing victory could be “close“.

“I think if I play the right style of tennis, obviously if I’m serving well, feeling good out there, I think I can go close. I have a tough task ahead. Gasquet is playing some really good tennis. Beating Dimitrov in straight is not an easy task on the grass.”

Kyrgios also told reporters that tennis could do with some big personalities. 

“I like to watch entertaining tennis. I’m not the biggest believer in saying nothing out there or being a robot. I feel you should express yourself. You know – it’s a sport.”

And while there’s been countless op-eds flowing about the mounting attitude and unconventional style of Kyrgios on the grass – let’s all take a moment to remember that the dude’s still a kid (see below).

A bold, feisty kid who’s freaking great at his job.

Via ABCThe Guardian.
Lead image by Clive Brunskill via Getty.