Australian tennis star and frequent headline fodder Nick Kyrgios has been fined nearly $167,000 after yesterday’s outburst at the Cincinatti Masters, with further fines or a suspension still on the table.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Kyrgios, who lashed out at umpire Fergus Murphy and smashed a couple of rackets during his 7-6, 6-7, 2-6 loss to Russia’s Karen Khachanov, had the book thrown at him.

Seriously, cop this:

  • Five counts of unsportsmanlike conduct, totalling $125,400;
  • Verbal abuse, $29,500;
  • Yelling a naughty word, $7370,
  • And leaving the court when he wasn’t meant to, $4427.

He also copped a warning for something called “ball abuse,” but the fun doesn’t stop there.

“In addition to the on site fines announced today the ATP is looking further into what happened during and immediately after the match to see if additional action is warranted under the Player Major Offense section of the code,” the ATP said in a press release.

“That could result in an additional fine and/or suspension.”

We suppose that’s what happens when you call an umpire a “disgrace” and a “potato,” even if you are one of the most naturally talented tennis players Australia has ever produced.

His latest fine is the latest in a string of high-profile blow-ups. Judging by his priors, it seems unlikely the threat of further sanctions will curb the athlete from speaking his mind (and smashing his racquets).

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald
Image: Icon Sportswire / Getty Images