Nick Kyrgios might be a legend on the tennis court, but he’s more than happy to chat about how much of a legend he is with the ladies, as well.

In an interview with GQ Australia, he was quite candid about his sex life.

He was asked if he abides by a common ban that many coaches place on famous athletes: sex before a match.

“I don’t abide by that rule. I don’t abide by that at all.”

He is very adamant that he always ‘says what he thinks’, which explains why he wasn’t fearful of coming off cocky when he said:

“There’s definitely some advantages,” he said. “You fly around the world doing what you love and that’s play tennis. And if you’re good enough, some of the top players have a lot of girls as well. I won’t say any (names), but mate, a lot goes on. What happens on tour gets around fast, so you have to be careful. That’s why I don’t mess with any tennis chicks.”


via Daily Telegraph

Image: Julian Finney via Getty Images