Tennis drama queen Nick Kyrgios is potentially facing a nasty suspension from the game after today’s antics at the Cincinnati Masters, according to 7News.

It was less than two weeks ago that I was sitting here writing about Kyrgios chucking a tanty and throwing a water bottle at the umpire, and honestly I didn’t think he’d be able to top that. But of course, in true Kyrgios fashion, he has.

This time, it was for calling an umpire a “fucking tool” and allegedly spitting at him. Stay classy Kyrgios.

Sit down and buckle up because this story is fucking wild.

So basically, Kyrgios lost his second match (7-6), then was docked an additional point for “unsportsmanlike conduct”, which at this point should be called the Nick Kyrgios penalty.

He then asked for a comfort break, likely to ice his ego after the ref’s sick burn with the penalty, but this was denied.

But obviously, being the professional drama queen he is, Kyrgios stormed off anyway and smashed two rackets on the way. YIKES.

But the REAL show was when he came back on the court.

“Worst f**king ref ever” he carried on after returning to the court.“The worst ref in the game. The worst. Hands down.”

Kyrgios seems to think that the problem is with the umpire Fergus Murphy, but it doesn’t take an expert to see that Kyrgios is problematic pretty much every time he steps on the court. I really don’t think Murphy is the problem.

“Every single time I play, he’s doing some stupid s**t. Every time. Every time. Every time. Fool. Fool,” he continued.

I’m no tennis expert but that’s probably not a smart move when you’ve already lost points for unsportsmanlike conduct. But hey, who’s the professional here?

“We haven’t heard the end of this and from what he did at the end was quite frankly, truly disgusting and a big fine for Kyrgios,” a commentator said.

And to top it all off, Nick refused to shake the umpire’s hand at the end of the match, and appeared to spit in his direction instead. Unsurprisingly, this moment has gone viral on Twitter.

But tennis experts are calling for Kyrgios to be fined or potentially suspended from the game following his outburst. Former tennis player and Sky Sports commentator, Barry Cowan has condemned Nick’s actions.

“What he did at the end was, quite frankly, disgusting,” Cowan said.”(I want to see) a big fine for Kyrgios. I personally don’t like not shaking hands but he also appeared to spit in his direction.

Again, I think we need to get Kyrgios off the tennis court and get him a damn reality show.