Nick Kyrgios Is Roasting The Shit Out Of Fellow Tennis Stars Who Aren’t Self-Isolating

Aussie tennis king Nick Kyrgios has continued to call out other players for their “stupidity” during the coronavrius pandemic, this time calling former world #1 Boris Becker a “doughnut” in a Twitter spat.

It all started when German star Alexander Zverev promised to self-isolate after he played in the same tournament as Novak Djokovic, who tested positive for COVID-19 last week.

However on Monday, footage was released of Zverev partying in Monaco and not, you know, socially distancing. When Kyrgios slammed Zverev, Becker rushed to his defense, calling Kyrgios a “rat”.

Kyrgios replied by saying it was simply a matter of public health, and not the kind of tennis drama Becker was making it out to me.

“Rats? For holding someone accountable?” he said in a later tweet on Tuesday.

“Strange way to think of it champion, I’m just looking out for people.

“WHEN my family and families all over the world have respectfully done the right thing. And you have a goose waving his arms around, imma say something.”

On Wednesday, Becker then retweeted Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić‘s support for Djokovic.

Djokovic had been busted partying in a club in Belgrade, which Kyrgios previously slammed as “irresponsible” after he contracted COVID-19. This time, he doubled-down.

“Standing in a club with his shirt off,” Kyrgios tweeted.

“Struggling to wrap my head around what good that does for the region.”

Kyrgios has routinely called out tennis stars for not taking precautions during the pandemic. Last week, he even tweeted concern about the upcoming US Open as situation continues to worsen.

For now, Kyrgios says he’s still waiting for a proper apology from the players caught partying.

“How about the dude who you are defending mans up and gives us some sort of explanation?” he told Becker.

“Not another average management apology.”