NFL’s Washington Redskins Lose Trademark, May Have To Change ‘Offensive’ Name

In America, debate is currently raging over the appropriateness of the Washington Redskins‘ name in 2014. The name, and let’s not beat around the bush here, is a racial slur against the Native American population, and the logo accompanying it is not much better. But still debate rages on. And when we say “debate” we really mean “everyone in the world with half a clue, versus the sparse handful of stubborn white men running the Redskins organisation.”

In what is a major step forward, and potentially a catalyst moment for the team to finally ditch the offending moniker, the United States Patent and Trademark Office officially cancelled the trademark registration the team has on the name “Washington Redskins” due to its disparaging nature towards Native Americans.
The ruling means that the Washington Football Team is now in something of a financial disadvantage, as the phrase now becomes open slather for anyone who wants to use it on products to sell.
And yet, team owner Dan Snyder remains steadfast in his refusal to simply change the team’s name, citing the somewhat ludicrous notion that the nickname is a badge of honour, and a symbol of pride and respect. Which would be all well and good if it were not also a horrendous racial slur, the backing of which only reveals the torrid depths of your own inherent white privilege.
Even John Oliver has gotten on board the debate, tearing apart the issue on Last Week Tonight.

Washington is just about guaranteed to appeal, which could tie the case up for years to come, during which they are still allowed to use the name as a trademark. But at this point you can’t help but feel that the far easier option is to simply cease being a complete dick and just change the name of your goddamned football team already.
Seriously, change it. Just do it. Stop being a dick, and do it.
Photo: Stan Honda via Getty Images.