Hoooo boy. Everyone has tough days at the office. Everyone occasionally screws up at work. It’s just that when it happens to most people, it doesn’t play out on globally broadcast live TV.

And it usually doesn’t contribute to the end of your employer’s year.

And it usually doesn’t eerily mirror a major plot point in a Jim Carrey movie.

Minnesota Vikings kicker Blair Walsh had had a shocker today, and it was an absolute heartbreaker.

The normally reliable Walsh had a chance to win the Vikings’ NFL Wild Card playoff game today – at home in Minnesota – against the highly fancied Seattle Seahawks.

In arctic, well-below-zero conditions, and on a day where scoring was tough, the Vikings had worked themselves into a match-winning position. With the score 10-9 in Seattle’s favour, and with 26 seconds remaining in the game, the Vikings put Walsh onto the field – with a mere 27-yard field goal attempt standing between him and a likely victory.

At that distance, it’s a chip shot. Walsh himself was 33-from-34 through his career for field goals inside the 30 yard line.

And then, the literal worst case scenario.

The kick sailed left, Seattle took back over on offence and ran out the clock for an improbable win – advancing to Week 2 of the NFL Playoffs.

And here’s where it gets weirder – it’s just about beat-for-beat exactly the same as one of the main plot points in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

Walsh’s ball got placed laces out – a big no-no for NFL kickers – much like the ball Ray Finkle kicked in the film.

The internet? They don’t miss a damned thing.

‘Course it’s already familiar territory for Vikings fans, echoing the 1998 NFC Championship whiff by then-Vikings kicker Gary Anderson which sent the Atlanta Falcons through to their maiden Super Bowl appearance (one they would lose to John Elway and the Denver Broncos).

Poor Walsh was apparently devastated post-game, repeatedly telling media it was his fault, and breaking down in tears in the locker room.

The toughest of tough breaks, that. Sport is a harsh bastard at the best of times. And you really feel for the guy who’s clearly taken it very hard.

You just… Y’know… Hope he doesn’t let it consume him to the point where he goes full Lois Einhorn on everyone, leading to some playfully-transphobic early 90s humour.

Laces out, Vikes.

Source: Herald Sun.